Long 4WD Life from Bilstein Shock Absorbers

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Over the years, we’ve had an extremely long life from Bilstein Shock Absorbers on both our vehicles and our customer’s 4WD vehicles.

Up to 500,000 km is considered normal for vehicles doing a mixture of both bitumen and gravel road use. Many of the vehicles are towing caravans, camper trailers, car trailers or decent size boats.
Outback roads, including corrugated “highways” in Central Australia and tough Tanami and Simpson Desert 4WD tracks, were used by the Bilstein equipped vehicles that in most cases carried heavy loads of fuel, water and occupants.

The ride comfort the Bilsteins gave to both drivers and passengers was praised by many experienced 4WD owners. Compared to cheaper brands, all of the owners vowed to use Bilsteins on their next vehicles to gain the superior ride and improved handling.

Value for money was also a plus for the Bilstein product. On a cost per kilometre basis, the Bilsteins were a better economic proposition despite their slightly higher purchase price.

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