Ford F150

We now have available the American made Bilsteins to improve the ride and handling of the recently released Ford F150 utes.

Bilstein B8 5160

The rear Bilstein 5160s are a quality shock absorber. They have remote canisters for greater durability and reliability and dampening.

Image of a Bilstein B8 5160 shock absorber
Bilstein B8 5160

Bilstein B8 6112

Bilstein B8 6112 front struts
Bilstein B8 6112

These are the big bore (60mm) 6112 front struts with Eibach coils included. These are height adjustable and will give superior ride comfort.

Call the crew at 4WD World / Bilstein World to get a quote on these quality Bilstein items.

Late News

At 4WD World we also carry the Polyair Ultimate air bellows for the rear suspension. These are an American made kit with internal bump stops inside the rubber bellows.

These are a must for towing heavy caravans, trailers or when a steel tray with heavy loads is utilised.

Ford F150 black in colour, front on
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