Suspension for Silverado 2500 and GMC 2500 (2011 onwards)

Chev Silverado 2500

BILSTEIN B60s FOR SILVERADO 2500 AND GMC 2500 MODELS (2011 onwards)

These are a superb Monotube gas, Australian-assembled product which greatly improves the ride and handling of these vehicles.

Developed in 2021, these are made in Sydney using both German and American components. They include large 66mm bodies with 60mm pistons.

The valving corrects the porpoising when towing large caravans and trailers. Clients love the ride comfort and improved handling.

Technically, the B60s are valved to control the large diameter torsion bar fitted to the front end, giving bump and rebound control under all road conditions.

With over 100 sets of the Silverado / GMC B60s having been sold in 2023, they are the most popular aftermarket shock absorbers for the 2500HD Chevrolets and GMCs in Australia today.



At 4WD World we can provide the components to raise the vehicle’s front suspension by approximately 2 – 2 ½ inches to level it up.

This is achieved by fitting different aftermarket suspension:

  • Torsion keys (USA made) – to adjust the height
  • Upper control arms (USA made) – necessary to achieve correct wheel alignment
  • Diff drop kit – to correct driveshaft angle

This lift kit gives increased ground clearance and improved ride and handling on second-rate roads.



The most popular fitment is the Polyair Ultimate Bellows. These maintain the original ride height when heavy loads are carried in the tub / tray or when towing large heavy caravans. They have an internal bump stop for super heavy loads. They also have separate airlines for each bellow and are an imported USA product.

They work with the rear leaves to improve ride and handling on all types of road conditions.

Polyair Ultimate Bellows are the premium product for towing:

  • Heavy caravans (3 tonne plus)
  • Horse floats
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Heavy farm trailers
  • Large boats with heavy towball weights

When the OE tub is changed for a heavy steel or alloy tray, or a new canopy set up, these will keep the vehicle level and eliminate porpoising effect, especially when coupled with the B60 Bilstein shock absorbers.

Our aim is to make your 2500HD Chev / GMS safe to drive, comfortable and far better / improved under all Australian road conditions.


These give a 2” lift and include new U bolts. They are used with the vehicle’s original leaf springs to give more off-road clearance and to level the vehicle if the front is raised approx 2”.

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