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Bilstein in the USA have developed a superb suspension system for the Ram 1500 DS model vehicles. It features 6112 front strut / suspension units that feature 60mm monotube design shock absorbers and high quality coil springs with adjustable ride height to suit vehicles with or without bull bars or winches fitted. This strut uses the original top hat.

This front suspension system gives superb handling and ride comfort, particularly when coupled with the USA made Bilstein 5160 remote canister rear shock absorbers. A 50mm raised suspension (lift) can be achieved on the front 6122 strut units to level the vehicle, while 50mm higher rear coil springs or Polyair air bellows or in-coil air bags can be used on the rear for towing caravans and trailers or when heavily loaded.

This kit is exceptionally good on both gravel and bitumen roads, particularly when towing caravans, horse floats, trailers or large boats. It can be complimented with either or both rear suspension options of 50mm raised coil springs and Polyair Ultimate air bags that fit inside the rear coils springs. This option gives the ability to carry heavier loads or large caravans and trailers safely. There are heavy duty Polyair bellows for Ram 1500 owners with steel trays, 5th wheelers or very heavy caravans. Optional Wireless air management systems are also available.

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