The answer to reliable shock absorbers

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The answer to reliable absorbers for your off road adventures are Bilstein B6 shocks.

Bilstein B6 shock absorbers also known as the B6 off-road. Bilstein shock absorbers are built to withstand extremely tough conditions like miles and miles of corrugated gravel or the sand dunes of the Simpson desert.

The Bilstein houses a generous 46 millimeter piston in its monitor body. The bigger piston displaces much more fluid and pressure than twin tube shocks in a single movement. This means it’s more sensitive to changes on the road in low-speed situations providing better ride quality and control.

Designed and tested in Australia then produced in Germany it seals gas and materials are all made to German quality and Bilstein shocks are fully serviceable in Australia.

As a world-leading suspension manufacturer Bilsteins’ quality is second to none.

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