We equipped a Ford Ranger with Bilstein B6 shocks

 In Bilstein B6 Shocks

Want to haul tools Monday to Friday then bushwacking on the weekend? All while looking good?

Well get the wallet ready, because the Ford Ranger is the four-wheel drive you need. However like most your cab Utes its suspension is barely adequate on Aussie roads.

Start loading it up with bigger wheels, tires, bull bars, side steps and camping gear and it begins to show its limits.

Enter the Bilstein b6 off-road it’s a mono-tube shock absorber using a generous 46 millimeter piston. The shock body is made from tough steel and uses Bilsteins’ gas pressure technology, that allows Bilstein shock absorbers to withstand extremely tough conditions like long off-road tours through the Simpson Desert or on miles of corrugated surfaces.

Bilsteins’ quality is second to none its seals gas and materials are all made to German quality and Bilstein shocks are fully serviceable in Australia.

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