Numerous suspension options for the new VW Golf VII facelift

The VW Golf VII has been available in Germany since 2012 and it leads the car registration statistics just as well as its predecessors. The premium hatchback is also a great success in many other countries. With an attractive facelift, which was launched at the end of 2016, as well as numerous technical improvements, it defends its position with confidence – regardless of the role. To make sure that the Golf VII always stays on the road to success, BILSTEIN delivers exactly the right suspension components for the compact car – regardless of whether it is for replacement parts, improved spare parts, a sporty feel or a snappy lowering. The shock absorbers BILSTEIN B4, B6, B8, and the suspension B12 Pro Kit, B14 and B16 are available for both the more powerful models with a rear twist beam axle as well as the stronger multi-link variants.

The BILSTEIN B4 gas-pressure shock absorber guarantees maximum safety thanks to high power reserves and constant damping force under any load, as well as high traction and precise handling. With the DampTronic® variant, the BILSTEIN B4 also supports all functions of a standard electronic damper control. As an “improved replacement part”, the BILSTEIN B6 offers a further plus in damping force and thus even greater performance and comfort, as well as an extremely long service life – even with regular high loads or during trailer operation. For fans of a sporty lowering, we recommend the especially shortened high-performance shock absorbers BILSTEIN B8. They are the perfect complement for tighter and shorter sport springs.

In addition to pure shock-absorber solutions, BILSTEIN also offers three attractive suspension options for the Golf VII – whether it has a facelift or not. The B12 complete suspension, which is fine-tuned in road tests together with the spring manufacturer Eibach, offers the perfect all-round carefree package for sports-oriented drivers. The attractively priced BILSTEIN B14 coilover kit offers the perfect entry into the world of variable height adjustment. This is already waiting with many features of the B16 coilover suspension which is also available for the Golf VII, but where the rebound and bump are pre-set. In addition, the BILSTEIN B16 not only offers the mentioned additional adjustment possibilities and lightweight construction technology: In the DampTronic® variant, it also perfectly harmonises with an electronic damper adjustment, which can be ordered from the factory. If this is to be retrofitted at the same time, the B16 ridecontrol® version can be used. With the add-on module iRC®, the different attenuation profiles can even be controlled by smartphone.