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Bilstein Shock Absorbers

The high-pressure monotube shock absorber for on-road and off-road performance

Bilstein B6 – Our Most Popular Shock Absorber

Discover the world of Bilstein

A warm welcome to the world of Bilstein: a name which, for over 50 years now, has been synonymous with the highest level of quality in suspension technology.

Here you can find  information that will help you make your decision much easier including:

The Bilstein name is still responsible for producing the best there is. Bilstein are regarded as the ultimate in shock absorbers. Made in Germany, they feature mono tube gas construction and heavy duty components and the highest quality design features.


The ultimate shock absorber

Bilstein shock absorbers give a superior ride and dampen the effects of bumps and dips very effectively. They are ideal for use with leaf springs, coil springs or torsion bars.

But the only way you can truly experience Bilstein is to set off on your first journey and savour the feel of Bilstein products at the helm.

4WD World have over 30 years experience in 4WD products, modifications and improvements to make your 4WD perform to its optimum.

Send us an email or free call us on 1800 807 176 to discuss your Bilstein needs.

Made for Australian conditions

4WD World supply and sell German made Bilsteins that are:

  • Repairable
  • Revalveable
  • Proven in harsh Australian outback conditions
  • Valved to suit Australian conditions and raised heights (where applicable)

We also sell the Australian made B60 heavy duty range for Australia’s tough 4WD conditions.

Some American lines are also carried for USA made 4WD vehicles.

Call us on 1800 807 176 to discuss your vehicle use.


Talk to us before buying

Don’t be tempted to buy from other online stores based on price quoted.

It’s important to purchase the springs, shock absorbers or a complete kit that will actually improve your vehicle (not wreck it!)

We’ll ask you questions about:

  • Your use
  • Your expectations
  • Your budget
  • Your vehicle tyres
  • Accessories fitted

…before recommending some suitable options.

In short, buying off the web on price can create problems rather than solve them.

Call us on 1800 807 176, 5 ½  days a week

4WD Experts

4WD Experts

40+ years of auto industry experience

Australian Warranty

Australian Warranty

For Australian conditions

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Bilstein Range for On-Road Performance

100% customer satisfaction is our aim

  • "Hi Ed thanks for the prompt service and delivery I wish all companies were as efficient as yours, I have fitted front and back shockies and they made a huge difference to the front and it should be a lot better when we have our new van on the rear."

    Ernie Foster
  • "I just want to say that the shocks arrived a few days ago and are now in place on the Challenger. They feel great and have already been having a workout on the back road into Darwin. Thanks so much for the good communication and quick delivery. Its been a good experience doing business with you and I will certainly let friends know to check you out when they are looking for stuff for their vehicles."    

    Brad Bray
  • Just wanted to give you some feedback after the fitment of my suspension last week. Firstly thank you for all your advice and help in getting the right product for my purpose. The Dobinsons and Bilsteins combination are a great pairing for my application and I would recommend this set up for other V6 Amarok owners. I was initially worried the set up would give me a harsh ride in order to carry the weight required, but was pleasantly surprised to feel a nice initial compliance which is in keeping with the Amaroks comfy ride quality when standard. It soaks up the hard knocks even better than before without affecting ride quality unladen and when loaded up it keeps its form brilliantly. The trailer sits at a good height and I can throw anything on the ute now without it being a problem.

    Chris Kugler
  • Regarding the Bilstein shock absorbers for the rear of a VW Bora sedan, I picked up delivery Saturday morning 30th Sept and installed same day. Very happy with the ride and performance. Thank you very much for the service that you provide. I was very pleased by the very prompt delivery of the Bilsteins, very well done. If I need shock absorbers in the future, I know who I can count on to come through with the goods. Maurie Durham

    Maurie Durham
  • Ed Just a short note to say how happy I am with the Bilstein B6s you supplied for my Pajero 4WD. Your sales staff were excellent to deal with and recommended the Bilsteins over other brands. The ride and handling are superb. Thanks for your recommendation. Martin Darche, Brisbane

    Martin Darche
  • Hi Ed I had the suspension kit fitted last Friday and it's really good - way better than I expected. Thanks, Tanya (MU-X owner)

    Tanya Cooper
  • I ended up going with Ed’s recommendations and haven’t been happier. Car has been all over Australia and up through the centre under a variety of conditions, both towing and without, and the Kings and Bilsteins with the Firestone airbags did the trick. I ended up changing the rear springs out for heavy duty but stuck with Kings and all up they are a great combination. When I change vehicle I will definitely enquirer as to the most appropriate kit at that stage. (Purchased suspension for 120 Series Prado)

    Malcolm McPhan
  • Suspension worked a treat, top ride at a good price, thanks very much. (Purchased Bilstein / Dobinson suspension kit to suit 105 Series Landcruiser)

    Brendan Pierpoint
  • Ed and the team at 4WD world were great at assisting with the decision of what to think about and consider when deciding on aftermarket suspension for our PX2 ranger. In the end we went with the combination of Bilstein shocks and Dobinson springs/leafs. It has currently produced a remarkable improvement  to the OEM suspension. When there was an issue with timing of the delivery Ed went out of his way to rectify the concern to ensure we were able to get the suspension fitted in time for our next family trip. We really appreciated the efforts he made.

    Luke Brown
  • Fitted the Dobinson front springs and Bilstein shocks all around to the Ranger. The front came up well and truly and the ride is a huge improvement. It handles the horrible country roads with a firm comfortable ride and no harshness. Well worth the investment. Wheel alignment tomorrow to finish the job. Regards Neil

    Neil Harris
  • I’ve owned my GQ Patrol since 1989 and fitted Bilstein B6 shocks and 1” raised coils to it then. They have performed extremely well over the last 30 years and are now due for replacement. These must be the best value for money quality shock absorbers ever made. They represent German quality at a reasonable retail price, so my decision to replace them with another set is one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. Richard Galt. Satisfied Customer.

    Richard Galt
  • I would like to thank Ed and the team at 4WD World for your prompt service! I have already received and fitted the Bilstein’s and looking forward to the next purchase.

  • G'day Ed, Thank you for sending the Bilsteins for my Pajero, I thought I’d give you an update on how they’re performing. As you may recall I bought a new 20 model last of the Pajeros. I was prepared for the fact that they were getting dated compared to all the new hi-tech models but it had all the basics that I needed and being a long running model I figured parts would be easy anywhere. The only real complaint was the standard suspension, if you never left the bitumen, it would be ok but it was way too soft, and handling was not its best feature. So I got the Bilstein suspension a few months ago and fitted it last week. As soon as I drove out the driveway and headed up the road I could feel it was a different car, when I turned at the lights it went around without understeer, and without wallowing in a series of arcs. First set of speed humps it floated over them, I’ve had a lot of cars and 4WDs, but this was an impressive improvement over the factory standard shocks. In short the car now corners and steers as well as anything I’ve driven and as you said save your money and use the standard springs, which although I had some misgivings about, you were absolutely correct. With the Bilsteins and the standard springs it’s a perfect combination to give progressive suspension without a harsh ride. These days with all the hype about it’s easy to spend lots on all sorts of hi-tech bits, but after you have the reality rarely lives up to the hype. And by then it’s too late and often disappointing. This has proven to be a huge improvement with some good old honest advice… so thanks Mr Mulligan… good job!    

    Paul Hooker Adelaide SA
  • Fitted the Bilstein struts today and I am very impressed.  Thanks for your help! There is no comparison between the Bilsteins and Fox.  The truck is now nice and firm.

    Keith Haywood Dodge Ram 1500 owner
  • Hi Ed, the suspension for the Touareg is great. Car feels fantastic on the road and tows great now too! Thank you for the recommendation.  

    Matt Oliver H&R Coils and rear B6 Bilsteins
  • I have been using Bilstein shocks on various European cars since the late 70’s so when I purchased this 2017 W447 -119 Mercedes Benz Vito van with 110,000 kms it was very apparent that the OEM shocks were well past their best .. Observe the rear on almost any Vito going down the road and you will see it floating up and down with the OEM shocks having very little damping effect. Bilstein was the only shock I thought of and at about 2/3rds the price of OEM it was a no brainer. The transformation since fitting Bilstein’s front and rear has been amazing and after driving over 8600 kms in rural NSW recently, with a very heavy load, it made the ride and handling so much better. Thank you so much 4WD World for your service and attention to detail.. Kind regards , Paul Gunner. Aussie Rimshine Geelong..

    Paul Gunner Aussie Rimshine Geelong
  • Transformed my already good handling car to exceptional particularly when towing. (Purchased the VW Amarok Front/Rear Bilstein Shock Absorbers)

    Allan White

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